Crotal bell dating

The founders' mark of a horseshoe symbol can be seen on the underside of the bell but it is uncertain to which foundary or maker this mark belongs to.

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The bell retains its large iron pea. This type of bell dates from the 16th to 17th century AD. Retrieved from " https: Views View Edit History.

Crotal bell dating

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The scheme started in and now covers most of England and Wales. Finds are published at https: Permission Reusing this file. The integral suspension loop is rectangular, with an as-cast aperture. Both upper and lower halves of the bellchamber are decorated with a linear sunburst design.

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There is a worn cartouche on one side of the sound slot, possibly with a bell-founder's hammer symbol. A Post-Medieval copper alloy 'crotal' animal bell cast c.

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The upper half has two sound holes; the lower sound holes are joined together by a slot and are perpendicular to those on the upper half. Both halves of the bellchamber are decorated with a similar sunburst design.

Crotal Bell from basement dig photos & details

The corroded iron pea survives within the bell but fused to the inside. The suspension loop is of sub-rectangular form with a drilled hole.

Bells with rectangular cross-sections

There is a maker's mark of CL within a circle on one side of the sound slot. Materials and construction Primary material: Mr David Clarke Identified by: A cast copper-alloy crotal bell. The integral suspension loop is broken, and only a drilled stump remains.