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She expressed some surprise about how Steve and I make it work. But being in a long-term, committed relationship is very different than starting a relationship.

It took adapting on both our parts. Follow my blog with Bloglovin.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Dec 17, What it takes to date a female business traveller. Jaclyn Goldman — The Travelling Saleswoman. Tags business travel Dating and business travel Travelling Saleswoman. One Comment Elmer Krushel. Arm around my waist, small of the back, and steady pressure.

Then she tells me the seat is mine and places me.

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Makes introductions, makes me feel like a rock star, but at the same time puts her in charge of moving me around. I'm sure there is more here, but she doesn't seem to need much. Which of course makes me want to prove her wrong.

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When I talk to her in a noisy place she doesn't just lean in, instead she puts an arm around me like she is claiming me. She makes me plan our next hang out.

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She takes this dominant posture and tone, then says "so, when am I going to see you again? This may not work on women, so make the plan and invite her with the assumption she wants to go out again. Mind you I battle it out with her sometimes. She will tell me to do something and I will ask her what's in it for me.

1. Dissatisfaction and Deliberation of Change

Before she answers, I'll tease her that I don't do xyz At least not for what she was offering. When she puts her arm around me I push a bit by saying "oh look at you hitting on me" and when she goes to move her arm I tell her "I did not say to move it". I usually get poked, or something like that. BTW, she is married and is an awesome wing woman.