Girlfriend still on dating website

He should tell her what he knows, not beat around the bush. You shouldn't have come here for advice, because everyone here will turn this around and try to make it seem like you're the one who's doing something wrong. Tinder, Okc, and Pof. I've noticed that is the case for most women. Internet datinf aint a good bastion for men. Too many of us over value a woman on the internet;as if you are the only woman to exist.

New girlfriend is still using dating website!

In a turn of events, what was once to meet someone, now fuels narcisism. The profile views, the attention that isn't given in person. Too many desperate dudes willing to inflate the ego of a girl they wouldn't approach in person. The market is inflated, no use bidding for a Thousand dollar watch, when in the streets you can find for a couple bucks. Oh, this is embarrassing, I'll let mine know she can get off my wrist now. Thanks for letting me know!

This isn't a specific thing to just women, just because you think it is because you don't get attention like them. There's few good reasons to keep a dating profile active once in a defined monogamous relationship. Out of pure curiosity, what would those good reasons be? I'm genuinely curious, as my ex would have freaked the fuck out if she ever found out that I had an active online dating profile while we were together.

It doesn't make sense, I agree. When you are in a relationship, there is no need to be on a website to meet people for the purpose of dating. No guy realistically just wants to be friends with a girl. He wants to date her, vice versa. You are right it does go both ways, but I can tell you majority of the ones giving the attention are males. For every female that has pined over and filled a dude's inbox, I can bet there are at least 5 that are doing the same back.

I suppose you are right, one cannot be mad at the hammer used to bash in a person's skull, a tool is dependent on the user. I did forget the "the". If you throw away the crazy parts, the most useful part of theredpill is for me 1 awareness of relationship dynamics: Just tell her what you did and why, and what you found.

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Let her explain herself. If you believe her, great, if not then split up. You've got some competition. It would be totally wrong of you to try to trap her. Just leave her now, and save yourself a lot of trouble and heartbreak. This relationship is doomed to fail for several reasons. You can't trust her.

The fact that you are contemplating some complicated scheme about getting evidence against her just screams catastrophic trainwreck. I really like how no one who has responded back to you has considered how she will could easily flip this around on you if you confront her and be like, "Well, why are YOU on okcupid? My only issue with your plan isn't whether it's right or wrong - but if you did it, and she started talking to fake you and it progressed to a date or something, what do you do?

You still have to confront her about it at some point. You on the date, surprise the shit out of her, and dump her in a theatrical fashion in front of a huge crowd. You then write a screenplay about, a novel, or at least a blog. What ssssstepsssss should I take?

Your Boyfriend Has A Profile On A Dating Site

Check to see if her account is public. You won't have to use a creeper account to see how often she ilogs on I suspect you already know this. You need to establish how often she logs on. As everyone else mentioned, this is a tricky situation. You confront her and you show you don't trust her. But you need to find out as it is eating you inside. Maybe it is time to have a talk between you two to discuss where your relationship is headed. You may be able to pick up any weird vibes there.

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This literally JUST happened to me last week. I let him go. If your SO is still looking at their options or after attention from the other sex, they're not content with you. You could mention a friend of yours came across her profile.

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Explain to her that when you decided to be exclusive a few months ago that meant not dating other people any more. Tell her you removed your profile at that time. Be prepared for defensiveness or denial or accusations coming your way. Best case I guess she apologized profusely and removes it in front of you. Honestly, I don't think there is a great way for this to go. She's either still dating other people or keeping her options open in case someone she likes better comes along.


Or she could be a an attention whore but that isn't great either. Since it's showing she has been active it means she didn't just stop logging in and forget to remove her profile. Good luck, that sucks. I think you have a compulsive okcupid user, I was in a very similar situation, I chose to bring it up and asking about it. Here is my story. Hopefully it will help you, best of luck OP http: Did you assume exclusivity or ask her? Did either of you say you were deleting your account, and ask for the other to do the same?

Here's a piece of advice: Grow a pair, confront her and then decide if you think she's telling the truth or not. She's playing a game here and it seems the two of you have different ideas about what "monogamous" means. Ask her if she's still on okcupid. She'll most likely tell the truth.

She'll most likely tell the truth, and it'll be harmless. How did you reach 32 without becoming direct with people? Just tell her you saw her account and ask if she isn't being monogamous. Are you entirely sure you're exclusive? You should ask her point blank. This has happened to me with guys before I would bring it up to her. It's not really "a good thing" when you have this in the back of your mind. Hopefully its just a weird thing. Wasting your time creating a fake profile is counterproductive.

As you may know from this sub, a guy is not guaranteed to get a response when he messages a girl. Open communication is important in any relationship, so you really need to just ask her about it.

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She might be up to no good or there might be a reasonable explanation. Listen to what she has to say and take it from there; whether it means staying together or breaking up, at least you'll have clarity. Don't accuse her of anything; just tell her curiosity got the better of you, you had a look and were surprised to find her still on there. She's probably just left it open and checks messages that come in. I know people in exclusive, fully committed relationships that do this and there's nothing more to it than that. I'm in an exclusive relationship, and I still use the site. I just like looking at people's profiles.

People are more honest on OKC than just about any other site, and you can extract a pretty good profile of people's past relationships, plus I like telling people what their insecurities are. But really just freaking talk to her. Don't be crazy about how you approach this otherwise you'll come off just as bad as she is. Tell her you logged back into okcupid to disable your profile, and noticed she logged in recently.

Her profile hasn't changed at all.

It still says single, looking for LTR etc. It's time for the Best Post Contest!

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Vote by Fantastic flag! Create a category, make a post, join the fun! Girlfriend still on OKCupid June 14, 1: I deleted my profile Everything else in our relationship is going great. I guess I really don't expect her to delete it.