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Earlier decisions may be confirmed, varied or overturned by the Court of Appeal.


The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council is at the highest level of the court structure of Jamaica. The Privy Council is the court of final appeal for Jamaica as a commonwealth country, which retained the appeal to Her Majesty in Council in the United Kingdom. The Privy Council hears the appeals from the Court of Appeal of matters, which are considered of exceptional public importance.

For many years, there have been calls for Commonwealth countries of the Caribbean who have retained appeals to the Privy Council to be replaced by a Caribbean Court of Appeal as the final appellate court for the Commonwealth Caribbean. To that end, the Caribbean Court of Justice was established in with headquarters in Trinidad and Tobago. The CCJ has two jurisdictions: In its original jurisdiction, it interprets and applies the provisions of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas This remains to be seen.

The University of Guyana offered all three years of the programme. At present, all three campuses offer the entire three-year undergraduate LL. The award of the Certificate of Legal Education after two years of study enables graduates to practice anywhere in the Caribbean after the procedure of enrollment to the Bar of each respective country. Persons who obtain their undergraduate law degree other than from the University of the West Indies are required to sit an entrance examination.

The past decade has seen dramatic changes in the way legal services are delivered; print is no longer supreme and the use of technology makes delivery of information quick and efficient.

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Law libraries in Jamaica continue to play a significant role in the introduction of technology into the institutions they serve, whether courts, law firms or universities. The library of the Supreme Court of Jamaica has been identified as the largest and oldest law library in Jamaica. Its exact date of establishment is uncertain but it is assumed that it was established around the same time as the Supreme Court of Jamaica in , during the reign of King Charles II.

Historical facts reveal that the first set of library rules were compiled in and came into effect in The Supreme Court library is responsible for providing service to the Judiciary of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal as well as Resident Magistrates, legal officers of Government, attorneys and law students who need permission to use the facilities. Some law firms have libraries. Areas of practice include company and commercial law and they provide counseling services to large and small institutions including banks, trust corporations, building societies and credit unions.

DunnCox , considered one of the leading law firms in Jamaica and the Caribbean was founded in It is a general service law firm divided into three departments covering: Its practice covers the full range of civil law matters. It has offices in England. The firm provides service to a wide range of government agencies, corporations and foreign diplomatic missions in Jamaica. Its interest in litigation is concentrated on the civil aspect, with particular strength in complex litigation, intellectual property and competition matters and contract and financial disputes.

These libraries are not open to the public.

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The Norman Manley Law School is one of three law schools providing professional training for the practice of law in the Caribbean. The Norman Manley Law School library serves students and tutors of the Law School, the University community, the legal community including members of the Judiciary and attorneys-at-law. Members of the public have limited access with permission.

Formerly, students wishing to pursue the undergraduate qualification leading to the LLB completed the first year on campuses in Trinidad, Barbados and Jamaica and then proceeded to Barbados for the final two years of study. With the establishment of a Faculty in Jamaica, students have the option of completing the entire three years of study in Jamaica or completing the two years in Barbados. The collection supports the three-year programme. There are two principal sources of legal information: Primary sources consist of legislation and case law. The collections of all the libraries consist of primary and secondary material and our English heritage is still evident as most of our material is still purchased from the United Kingdom.

Where there is a lack of local authorities, or provisions from other Caribbean countries, English authorities continue to be cited and approved by the courts. The Revised Laws of Jamaica 29 vols. The laws and subsidiary legislation are updated annually by replacement pages, authorized under the Law Revision Act and issued by the Jamaica Printing Services. The principal Acts are available on the website of the Ministry of Justice [ [11] ] but they are not up to date.

Attempts to organize and index subsidiary legislation resulted in the publication of Guide to the Subsidiary Legislation Prescribed Under the Statutes of Jamaica, Third edition including Instruments issued from to the 31 st day of August Since that time, no other index has been published and law librarians have had to devise ways of recording and retrieving subsidiary legislation by producing in-houses indexes. This can prove challenging because of inconsistent numbering sequence used by the printers. In addition to listing the current acts passed and subsidiary legislation, it includes subsequent treatment, such as amendments and repeals.

While English decisions continue to predominate in most substantive areas of the law, local and West Indian precedents are increasingly being used by the judiciary, magistrates and counsel in the trial process. In , The Gleaner Co. Cases determined in the Court of Appeal during Reported and edited by Boyd Carey, LL.

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An additional five volumes were subsequently published with a combined index and spanned the period — These were published by authority of the Supreme Court of Judicature of Jamaica. The Caribbean Law Publishing Company continued publication from Volume 16 to the current Volume 35, published in and bringing the series of decisions to The later volumes included decisions on appeal from Jamaica to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Unreported judgments of the Court of Appeal can be accessed from its website. Civil judgments from to the present, criminal judgments from to the present are listed.

These lists are not complete. Unreported judgments of the Supreme Court from are listed at its website. The list is not complete. Access is by subscription. There are many secondary sources of legal information pertaining to Jamaica. Some of these source titles listed below specifically relate to Jamaica and others are about the Commonwealth Caribbean with sections on Jamaica.

These sources are listed below under the separate headings: Rules of the Court. Rules of the court. Civil Law — Civil Procedure Rules. Kingston, Jamaica Available online. Commonwealth Caribbean Law and Legal Systems , 2 nd edition. A Developing World Perspective. Commonwealth Caribbean Public Law , 3 rd edition.

Commonwealth Caribbean Civil Procedure , 3 rd edition. Commonwealth Caribbean Law of Trusts , 2nd Edition.

Updated edition expected September Commonwealth Caribbean Property Law , 3 rd edition. Commonwealth Caribbean Tort Law , 4 th edition. Commonwealth Caribbean Land Law. Commonwealth Caribbean Constitutional Law.

Commonwealth Caribbean Business Law , 2nd edition. Judicial Review in the Commonwealth Caribbean. Commonwealth Caribbean Criminal Practice and Procedure , 3rd edition. Updated edition expected March The following are forthcoming books in the Series: Commonwealth Caribbean Company Law. To be published December 31st Commonwealth Caribbean Employment and Labour Law.

To be published June Commonwealth Caribbean Contract Law. To be published May 31st Commonwealth Caribbean Administrative Law. To be published November Some useful treatises include: The Constitutional Law of Jamaica. Oxford University Press, Caribbean Law Publishing, Transnational Security Cooperation in Practice. Clarendon Studies in Criminology, Essays on the Jamaican Legal System.

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Historical Foundations of Jamaican Law. Assessment of Damages for Personal Injuries. Industrial Relations Law and Practice in Jamaica. Law, Governance and Ethics in the Commonwealth Caribbean. There are a number of journals available. The greatest challenge facing these journals is that they are not available online and, in some cases, are not up-to-date. The following are the available journals: Caribbean Criminal Law Digest.

Caribbean Law Publishing Ian Randle. The Jamaican Bar Association. Norman Manley Law School. Databases [ [12] ]. The following are available online at no cost. Various organisations hold legal seminars but the papers produced at these seminars are not readily available.

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