Mvm matchmaking ban

Simple excommunication from the invite illuminati will do. We need to drain the badwater and make TF2GreatAgain. This may be our last chance before it is too late.

Alright finally something I agree with. What the hell does the 4 even stand for? The biggest issue I have with OP is "All competition in invite has been lost since Mixup died" Okay so do you really think by banning b4nny invite will be more competitive? Not that it is now but still. Also, does anybody really think without b4nny that the rest of Froyo and any other player they deem "good" enough to join would not still dominate?

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Still waiting for the banny pugchamp ban aswell. If its so bad why play there all the time? Even though this thread might be a meme, I like to bring up topics that are serious on this shit , cause i'm no fun lol.

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But b4nny atm is the person keeping TF2 alive. I do though think his amount of power in the TF2 community is overwhelming, dictating certain events such as the white list and having an unfair say on how certain things are handled in leagues. Oct 25, 2, A random thread reminded me of the old TF2 comics, and I spent some time searching until I found one I was thinking of. I reread it, and it really is excellent. Here is a quick run-down: The ban you get via the Report-ban is a 60 day ban.

It includes Casual and Competitive. Reporting cheaters has never been this important. Oct 29, 3, I haven't seen anyone brave enough to attempt a burning unusual cosplay yet though that's some pretty great cosplay. Hopefully we get a summer update this year and it's the Heavy update Valve talked about with Meet Your Match. Heavy really badly needs a rework to make him more exciting and interesting to play. A really great video on random crits by Uncle Dane.

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He even got the Scout voice actors to do some lines for him: Now that they did the random crit survey I have hopes they'll finally remove them from the game. Oct 25, 4, Behind you. The item descriptions have been rather bland as of late. Jan 6, MA. Wow that source 2 video is beautiful. How the mini sentry has its light going on in the middle of building.

Beware of faked steam items for any active TF2 market place items, very nasty: Pay close attention to the name of the game displayed for the item. Oct 25, 3, NC. So, I'm thinking of returning to Team Fortress 2 when I acquire a better PC to run it because this will be my third time trying to enjoy the game as for the first two times I didn't have the proper hardware to truly get into it.

But when I do, I need to know if there are any updates or changes that happened lately. I know Jungle Inferno happened and the competitive updates as well. But what about like weapon changes?

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Is the cow mangler still good as a weapon for Soldier? Is the Dragons Fury still a nightmare to deal with? I don't see too many DF users these days. Cow Mangler got nerfed down to 4 from 5 shots of ammo. I think the game is still super solid overall. I only play casual and I have both good and bad games. The core is still the same.

All depends on how you play on the maps. TF2 optimization is absolute poop these days just to let you know. I've got an i7 and ti and it still drops to 40s. Oct 27, Oct 25, 4, A decent port to Source 2 would probably help with a lot of the performance issues but I'm sure that wouldn't be easy.

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If they're gonna port to Source 2 I one hundred percent would rather they just make it a new game. There's soooo much shit going on in TF2 right now, and it could use a polish pass from the ground up. Oct 25, 3, Oct 29, Oct 31, Valve may not have put out a major update this summer but the people behind the potato MVM servers have you covered.

Their new Canteen Crasher community event just started. To do contracts you need to sign into their website through steam and select the contract you want to work on. I played some of it while it was in beta and it's a lot of fun, it's a breath of fresh air from the existing MVM content. Valve just shipped Scream Fortress X. It's live now through November 14th.