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The years that came in between the Olympic Games were called Olympiads.

The Olympiad Calendar and the Birth Year of Christ

An Olympiad was named according to the athletes that were victorious in the previous gamed. The first ever Olympiad was named after Coribus of Elis for winning a foot race. Olympiads are often an important chronological marker for historians since any major event during the ancient world was often associated with a specific Olympiad period. Based on this, the first ancient Olympiad was the years to BC. Currently, we count our Olympiads according to the first modern count marked during the Olympics.

In the Ancient world, only male Greeks were allowed to compete.

Those accused of heinous crimes and sacrilege were prohibited from entering. Honorable play and competition were pivotal during the ancient Olympics, and all competing athletes were to move to Elis or Olympia a month before the official games began. The audience also followed similar rules in eligibility.

The history of the Olympics: Ancient Games date back to BC - ABC News

No one accused of crimes and sacrilege was allowed to watch the games. Furthermore, women were not allowed to watch games involving nude men, and such a privilege was only allowed to the Demeter priestess. During the games before the first Olympiad BC, a simple foot race was the only real mark of this unifying event. But as years went on, the Olympic events evolved to incorporate more competitive activities.

Generally, the Ancient Olympic Games were divided between physical stadium events, where the participants would compete in the nude, and racing events.

58th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO 2017)

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Between a rock and a hard place: He critically attempted to establish the first Olympiad and use that as his basis. He believed that before the Olympiad system came into being, a timeline of any history from a Greek perspective could not accurately be deduced. In the Africanus account available today, one can find a problem with the Olympiad calculation which was likely related to a transcription error. The eighth-century British-Christian writer and scholastic monk, the Venerable Bede, used Olympiads among many others to define historic time periods, though our present manuscripts attributed to him may contain errors.

The Olympiad Calendar and the Birth Year of Christ

He recorded the first Olympiad to Julius Caesar to be the rd Olympiad—20 years off. Olympiads were not the dating system of preference by most of the ancient Christian writers and it was not accepted as a universal calendar. Its was a legacy system after the fourth-century AD. For more details on exactly how Josephus and other historians dated these leaders, see: A Chronology of the Herods.

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